As a video producer, I've helped to create TV series, documentary films, and non-scripted shorts for HBO, VICE, Discovery, MSNBC, Netflix, and Vogue. After discovering my love of being in the field and on set, I also began producing more commercial work for agencies such as Chariot Pictures, PRODn at Art+Commerce, Pulse Films, and Droga5, as well as for brands including Estée Lauder, Starbucks, Hennessy/ESPN 30for30, and RedBull Music.

My photography is the lovechild of my years of observational documentary experience, and the intentional + artful practices of the commercial world. It has afforded me opportunities to direct and/or shoot stories for FADER, RYOT Studios, Subbacultcha Mag, Bloomberg Businessweek, Innocence Project, and VSCO.

Featuring characters often overlooked, or details as soft as a gesture, my imagery is an invitation to gaze more closely at the familiar. I try to maintain a sense of the real and honest wrapped in my own sensual, color-forward style.

Whether creating my own work, or contributing to the success of another creative’s or client’s vision, I produce in harmony with my collaborators.

You can find me producing, shooting, and snacking on grapes between NYC and my hometown, Detroit (The D).